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Collection 10 Asclepiadaceae Ø 5,5 cm


Belonging to the family of Asclepiadaceae, these 10 plants are supplied in a Ø 5,5 cm pot with a label indicating their botanical name.

Among the various species and varieties that make up this collection: Orbea variegata, Huernia pillanasi X, Huernia pendula, Stapelianthus decaryi, Huernia formosa, Orbea dummeri, Orbea laticorona, Huernia zebrina, Orbea semota, Caralluma repens, Stapelia hirsuta.

The plants in this collection may vary depending on the season and/or availability. For more information, please contact us by clicking here.


South Africa




Direct sun at least half a day from early spring to autumn. Come back when the temperature approaches ten degrees.


Regular (every 10 days) from spring to late summer. Check that the earth is completely dry before watering again.


In spring and autumn

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Mangave® Praying Hands 683F
"🪴 Mangave® Praying Hands!🪴

An elegant new addition to our collection. A unique plant featuring dark green cacti and reddish brown terminal spines. Perfect for plant lovers and of unique and exquisite design!