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Euphorbia francoisii Ø 12 cm


Belonging to the family of Euphorbiaceae, this Euphorbia francoisii comes in a Ø 12 cm ceramic pot with a label indicating its botanical name. This Euphorbia francoisii is part of Cactusmania’s hybrid collection, has been cultivated for a long time, and has been selected for its hypnotic uniqueness.
Unique piece
Not Grafted
Code 116F

The Euphorbia francoisii is a species that is listed in the CITES certificate of plants cultivated by Cactusmania, according to the regulations for the protection of endangered species.






Direct sun at least half a day from early spring to autumn. Come back when the temperature approaches four degrees.


Regular (every 10 days) from spring to late summer. Check that the earth is completely dry before watering again.


In spring and autumn

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