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xSemponium Destiny Ø 12 cm


Belonging to the family of Crassulaceae, this xSemponium Destiny plant is supplied in a Ø 12 cm pot with a label indicating its botanical name.
This Semponium is called ‘Destiny’ because it has veined leaves – you can read the future between the lines! One of the most unusual features of this plant are the brick-red veins on the leaves. Depending on the season, the vegetation varies from bright green to very deep purple-red. This plant can produce a very large flat central rosette up to 60 cm in diameter. The numerous lateral shoots develop and branch abundantly.

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Direct sun at least half a day from early spring to autumn. Come back when the temperature approaches ten degrees.


Regular (every 10 days) from spring to late summer. Check that the earth is completely dry before watering again.


In spring and autumn

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